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Dudley bear with North Lincolnshire map

*PRIZES TO BE WON THIS SUMMER HOLIDAY!* Have you ever met Dudley bear? Dudley Bear is the North Lincolnshire Museum Mascot and he was born in June 2013. This year he is going on his summer holidays in North Lincolnshire- and he wants you to come too! Each week Dudley will be visiting a new attraction within North Lincolnshire and you can come and join him- picking up a stamp along the way for your map. Which will be available to collect from each location. Keep an eye out on our Visit North Lincolnshire social media to see where Dudley will visit next! Dudley will be ‘visiting’ one place a week for the whole summer - but you can go and collect your stamps from any venue at any point during the summer holidays to give you lots of time to collect... Read more

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Visit North Lincolnshire
5 months ago

📍 Play Avenue, Messingham, Scunthorpe

Play Avenue is a safe and spacious indoor role play setting designed to fuel imaginations.

At the bespoke play centre, your little one can explore life as ... See more

5 months ago

Carr Lane walk

If you are looking for a flat walk and views of the countryside then this week we would suggest a walk down Carr lane in Bonby.

The walk follows a stream and goes over a small ... See more

5 months ago

How much do you know about Far Ings, North Lincolnshire?

• The Humber foreshore was a claypit which was the hub of the local tile and cement industry from 1850 to 1959, but were left abandoned by ... See more

5 months ago

📍 Twigmoor woods, North Lincolnshire

What a lovely picture taken in Twigmoor woods!

If you've taken some great pictures in North Lincs make sure to use #ThisIsNorthLincs for a chance to be ... See more

5 months ago

North Lincolnshire has so much amazing natural scenery and history, and a great place to see both of those things in in Epworth.
This week we are suggesting the ‘Epworth East’ Walk which has a ... See more

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