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Cameron Huggins Blacksmith - Redbourne

Cameron Blacksmith

Award-Winning Traditional Blacksmith based in Redbourne, North Lincs, using hammer and tongs to create one of a kind pieces. Cameron works full time as a Blacksmith creating commissioned pieces and work for local suppliers.

A traditional village forge in the heart of Rural Lincolnshire. 

The earliest recorded evidence of the forge’s existence comes from a pencil sketch drawn by a ‘C Nattes’ in 1795, commissioned by the Duke of St Albans (for whose estate the forge was originally built). Rumour has it that the artist was commissioned to come up from London and see a number of buildings built for the Duke so that he could draw them for him; he then went back to his studio in London to draw the buildings. This might help explain why, perhaps, the forge is not instantly recognisable as it stands today – I think a fair amount of artistic license was used when recreating the forge from memory! Yet, the colonnades and rearing white horse (as well as the title of the drawing “Blacksmith shop at Redbourne”) confirm that it is the building that still stands today. (Please visit Cameron’s website for more.)

Blacksmithing Experiences:

An award-winning Experience at the Blacksmith’s Shop in Redbourne is the perfect introduction to the traditional art of blacksmithing. Whether you’ve tried your hand at smithing before, or it’s just something you’ve always wanted to do, these workshops offer the ideal place to hone your skills, with a very hands-on, immersive approach from the very start. Anything you make is yours to take home with you! Lessons run from Mondays to Thursdays only.


Redbourne is a beautiful village in the heart of North Lincolnshire. The forge is easily accessible from the A15 and is easy to find – the horse on the top of the forge is hard to miss! The postcode is DN21 4QJ.

Forge letters

The Blacksmith's Shop, School Lane, Redbourne, Lincs DN21 4QJ
07961 565379
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