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Why support your local market ? here are good 10 reasons why....

1.    Learn cookery tips, recipes and meal ideas

Tips and advice from the producers can only enhance your meal times.

2.    Be Bespoke

Markets aren’t always about fresh food. Find bespoke furniture, antiques, specialised crafts or discover pastime trades like watch or jewellery repairs.

 3.    Meet & Greet

Chat direct with the market traders and receive the best customer care.

 4.    Variety is the spice of life

Break the monotony of supermarket and high street shopping and discover the vibrant atmosphere of the market.

5.    Nourish Yourself

East fresh, eat better, eat local and eat quality.

6.    Know where your food comes

Traders and producers are knowledgeable and only too happy to answer your questions.

 7.    Connect  with others and your community

A perfect meeting place for family and friends or even meeting new ones.  Create a community hub and support your local economy.

8.    Helping to protect the environment

Less shipping and less transportation can only benefit our environment in the future.

9.    Be part of history

Markets have taken place for centuries in North Lincolnshire; why not keep up this tradition?

10. You’ll probably save money – £££

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