Featured New Exhibition

The new temporary exhibition at North Lincolnshire Museum is “There and Back Again, Travelling Stories of Local People”. The exhibition runs from 30 June 2015 until February 2016.

This exhibition takes you on a journey with both well-known and less famous local people. Their trips have been to many places within the United Kingdom, in Europe and to places much further away from here. They all had their reasons for leaving their homes and loved ones; some went for their religion, for war, others for business or just for pleasure.

One of the people featured in this exhibition is the Reverend John Parkinson (1754-1840) from East Ravendale. Between 1792 and 1794 he made a Grand Tour of Eastern Europe. He went through Scandinavia to St Petersburg, Moscow and further onto more remote places of Russia. North Lincolnshire Museum Services has a fantastic collection of costume worn by Reverend Parkinson during his travels. Part of this collection will be on display in this exhibition.

Also featured is the Peacock Family. This family, who lived in Bottesford around 1900, did not travel far from their home. The father, Edward Peacock, was a farmer with a keen interest in antiquities, local stories and local dialects. He published several novels as well as serious academic volumes. His enthusiasm about these subjects rubbed off on some of his children. North Lincolnshire Museum houses a large collection of their documentation and books regarding the topics of folklore, dialects and local sayings. Several objects relating to the Peacock Family will be on display in the exhibition.

Besides these personal travel stories the exhibition explores the different methods of travel. Illustrated with pictures from the museum’s photographic collection the exhibition tells how long journeys would have taken and how much they would have cost.

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